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WB01372_.gif (406 bytes) Quartz Infrared Spot Heater

Keep your cooler work areas well heated with these Infrared Heaters. The Quartz tube radiates a blanket of heat in a 60 symmetrical pattern. Unit includes; gold aluminum reflector and end caps, mounting chains, S hooks and a cord set with plug. Units can be hung from the ceiling with
mounting chains. For indoor use, outdoor use needs to be protected from the elements using a solid overhang.

model VCH-48-P

Quartz Infrared Spot Heater
Model PDF Watts Volts Phase BTU's Wt.
VCH-46C Warranty PDF 1500 115 1 5120 9
VCH-57C Warranty PDF 3000 115 1 10240 11
VCH-48-P Warranty PDF 1500 120 1 5120 30
VCH-WG46 Warranty PDF  S.S. Wire Guards (use with model VCH-46C) 2
VCH-WG57 Warranty PDF  S.S. Wire Guards (use with model VCH-57C) 2

WB01372_.gif (406 bytes) Portable Electric Infrared Heaters


Provide instant, odor-free heat for indoor and semi-protected outdoor workstations and warehouse areas. Economical electric infrared heat warms only persons and objects, not the air volume. Durable heavy duty flat panel emitter heating elements are designed for a variety of applications using no glass materials. All models have gold anodized aluminum reflectors, terminal box, protective wire screens, and reinforced front edge and corner construction. Heaters can be adjusted on the hand cat to operate in a horizontal or vertical position for maximizing the infrared heating pattern. Carts consists of a rugged steel design and are equipped with 6" rubber wheels, twin hand grips. Heaters are factory wired for three phase, but can be converted to single phase for most units.

Portable Electric Infrared Heaters
Model PDF Watts BTU's Volts Phase Amps  Wt.
VFSP-4324-3 Warranty PDF 4300 14,672 240 3 10.36 41
VFSP-4348-3 Warranty PDF 4300 14,672 480 3 5.18 41
VFSP-9524-3 Warranty PDF 9500 32,415 240 3 22.89 58
VFSP-9548-3 Warranty PDF 9500 32,415 480 3 11.44 58

WB01372_.gif (406 bytes) Portable Electric Heater


model CFFH-240

Portable electric heaters are lightweight, and have an easy grip handle for convenience. These heaters are perfect for office, or small space spot heating applications. They include 6 feet long, 3 conductor cord, and temperature control thermostat.  Model CFFH-240 has a 20 amp plug configuration, which is great for construction sites. Model FFH-118 and CRFH-198 meets OSHA standards and is UL & ETL C/US listed while CFFH-240 is UL C/US listed.

model FFH-118

model CRFH-198

Portable Electric Heaters
Model PDF Overall Size
Number of
BTU's Wt.
FFH-118 Warranty PDF 10"x9-1/2"x16" 2 Heat/ 1Fan 120, 1PH 5120 9
CRFH-198 Warranty PDF 11"x12"x15" 3 Heat 120, 1PH 5120 9
CFFH-240 Warranty PDF 10-5/8"x10"x12-3/4" 2 Heat 240/208, 1PH 13648 15

WB01372_.gif (406 bytes) Portable Electric Infrared Heat Panels

model PIHP-4

model PIHP-6

model PIHP-11

High intensity "medium wave" technology used for many applications such as: curing coatings and adhesives and laminating, heat shrinking and drying. Gentle but effective medium wave radiant heat can quickly boost, flash-off, or cure a variety o f finishes, and lessens the chance of blistering and/or overheating the coating.

Portable panels are built to withstand rigors of industrial and heavy-commercial applications, and come standard with 20' of type SO cable. Heating elements achieve full temperatures in less then 1 to 2 minutes, and are rated for an average life expectancy of 5,000 hours. Units are easily positioned with adjustable hinges allowing the user to direct heat precisely to the target area. Gold anodized aluminum reflectors and end caps allow 10% faster cure time when polished aluminum reflectors.

Portable Electric Infrared Heat Panels
Model PDF Overall Size
Heated Area
Voltage AMPS Heat
PIHP-4 Warranty PDFPhoto Gallery 44-5/8"x56-1/2" 40"x44" 240 20 4 114
PIHP-6 Warranty PDFPhoto Gallery 66-5/8"x56-1/2" 61"x44" 240 26.7 4 138
PIHP-11 Warranty PDFPhoto Gallery 66-5/8"x80-1/2" 61"x77" 240 46.7" 7 225

WB01372_.gif (406 bytes) Portable Infrared Heaters



  • Radiant heat can be adjusted in distance and height
  • Adjustable brightness for various applications
  • Requires 220V single phase power supply @ 15 amps
  • Portable with four swivel casters (two with brakes)
  • Timer is included for auto-shut off
Portable Infrared Heaters
Model PDF Max Power
Max Power
HEAT-S Warranty PDF 2400W 800W-1600W 105
HEAT-S1 Warranty PDF 2000W 1000W 115
HEAT-S2 Warranty PDF 3000W 1000W-2000W 135

WB01372_.gif (406 bytes) Portable Electric Salamander

model PES-1520-3

The Portable Electric Salamander is the perfect odorless, flameless electric alternative to propane and kerosene space heaters. Safety yellow heater enclosure with safety screens on both air intake and output openings. These units include long-life finned tubular heating elements, thermostat adjustment from 40 to 100 degree Fahrenheit, and fan only operating feature. Includes access panel for direct wiring connections and 10" wheels and handle for easy portability over all surface types.  Model PES-1024-1 is pre-wired with 10' cable and straight blade range plug.

Portable Electric Salamander
Model PDF Overall
PES-1520-3 Warranty PDF 39"x23.25"x18" 15/42 208/3 45 65
PES-1524-1 Warranty PDF 39"x23.25"x18" 15/63 240/1 45 69
PES-1524-3 Warranty PDF 39"x23.25"x18" 15/36 240/3 45 65
PES-1548-3 Warranty PDF 39"x23.25"x18" 15/18 480/3 45 65
PES-3048-3 Warranty PDF 39"x23.25"x18" 30/36 480/3 90 83
PES-1024-1* Warranty PDF 39"x23.25"x18" 10/42 240/1 30 60
Optional 25 Foot Cord With Plug
Model Cable
Use with
PES-43-SO Warranty PDF  4/3 SO, Power Cord PES-1524-1
PES-64-SO Warranty PDF  6/4 SO, Power Cord PES-1520-3, PES-1524-3, PES-3048-3
PES-124-SO Warranty PDF  12/4 SO, Power Cord PES-1548-3

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